• Picture FRAMES FOR EVERY OCCASION No matter what kind of picture you’re looking to put up, whether it’s a painting or a photo, the way you frame it can make all the difference. And a lot depends on wh

  • Not Just Paintings: Custom Framing for 3-D Objects When you think about framing something to hang in your home, you probably think about 2-D objects: paintings, photographs, perhaps even an important

  • CHARLOTTE EDSELL: ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONIST At what age was it that you created a piece of art and realised this was going to be such a huge part of your life? As a child I was constantly creative, const

  • Top Tips For Framing Your Art The Mount Often an overlooked part of the framing process is the decision on whether or not to choose a mount, which can have a real impact on the finished artwork. A mou

  • Andy WAITE: LANDSCAPE Artist Andy Waite is an Arundel based artist whose expressionist landscape pieces are “a poetic celebration of the English sky and weather in all their elemental power”. He has e

  • Karen Halsey: Illustrator Karen is an extremely talented local artist and a valued long-term customer of Lasermark. We decided to get to know her a little better and share that with you. Greetings and

  • ANTI REFLECTIVE ARTGLASS Are reflections spoiling the look of your art? Whether it’s a painting, a photograph, a diploma, or anything else – framing something for display is the ultimate indication of