Not Just Paintings: Custom Framing for 3-D Objects

When you think about framing something to hang in your home, you probably think about 2-D objects: paintings, photographs, perhaps even an important document such as a letter or certificate. But did you know that 3-D objects can also be framed?
Maybe you can’t frame your grandfather’s favourite armchair or your mother’s authentic 1970s beanbag – although who knows, you might find a framer who’s up for the challenge! But you’d be surprised how many sentimental or valuable objects can be framed for display. In fact, 3-D framing can be a great way to showcase your most prized possessions while keeping them safe and protected.
Framing 3D Objects
Rafael Nadal's Tennis Racket Box Framed

1. Box frames

If you want to display a small item like a piece of jewellery, a fine ceramic plate or an antique curiosity, the standard choice is a box frame. These frames are deeper than a standard picture frame, and the item is mounted directly onto the backing. We design the moulding with a deep rebate and spacers, so that there’s adequate room between the item and the glass.

This is a very effective way to display any 3-D item. As well as crafting the frame to the right dimensions, we can create a custom backing and hand-finish the moulding in just the right colours to make your favourite possession really “pop”. Box framing is especially effective if you want to make a single object the centre of attention. And it’s slender enough to make a small, discreet display if that’s what you prefer.

What objects can I frame?

It’s no exaggeration to say that a skilled custom framer can frame anything within reason. Of course, there are limits – anything very large, heavy or bulky isn’t going to fit in a frame that can go on your wall or shelf. But if you have a valuable keepsake or beloved item, there’s a good chance we can build a tailor-made frame to show it off to best advantage. Maybe you’ve dried your bouquet from your wedding day and want to make sure it stays beautiful forever. Or maybe you have a childhood toy, a celebrity souvenir, or a piece of sports memorabilia that makes you happy every time you look at it. Perhaps you’ve got something fragile or valuable, like a piece of fine porcelain or heirloom jewellery. You love to look at it, but you don’t like to leave it lying around where it can be damaged, misplaced or broken. Framing is a great way to make the most of these precious items while keeping them protected, whether their value is monetary, sentimental or both. There are three main types of frame we use in this situation: box frame, shadow box frame, and double glass frame. Let’s take a look at each one in turn.
Framing Clothing
Deep Box Frame For a Favourite Hat
Shadow Box Frame
Signed Suit Shadow Box Framed

2. Shadow box frames

Shadow box frames are a specific type of box frame, with one or more raised areas of border or mount. If you’ve got a few favourite things you want to put on show together, or you just want to make a bigger impact, a shadow box frame is the way to go. These frames are deep, giving you the flexibility that comes with having plenty of room. The raised mount of shadow box frames casts a shadow within the display, dramatically highlighting the items inside. People often use shadow box frames to group items together and tell a story: for example, a baby’s first rattle & teddy; or a family member’s service medals and photographs in uniform. But a shadow box is also a really effective way to display a single 3-D object like a bouquet, small sculpture or statement jewellery piece. With the right custom frame, placement and lighting, a single object can become the focal point of the whole room. Both box and shadow box frames can be hung on a wall, placed on a shelf or even on the floor. Our job is to craft the frame that will perfectly fit both the item and the space, creating just the display you want for your home or workplace.

3. Double glass frames

While box and shadow box frames generally have a solid backing, double glass frames – sometimes called floating frames – allow you to see an object from both sides. These standalone frames fix the object between two transparent membranes so that it appears to be suspended in mid-air, all while perfectly secure and protected. You’ll often see double glass frames in museums and galleries, showcasing delicate pieces of art, coins, and fragments of manuscript. If you have an item you want to be able to admire from all angles, this is where double glass frames come into their own. They’re also a very effective way to create a striking display with an elegant, minimalist feel. Delicate materials, such as lace and embroidery, also benefit from a double glass frame to hold them securely while protecting them from environmental or accidental damage. Our double glass frames are built to your exact specifications, with careful attention to the integrity and safety of historical or fragile materials.
Old Photos Double Glass Framed

Extra precautions

At Lasermark, we know that your keepsakes are precious and cannot be replaced. Whatever you bring us to frame, we’ll always handle it with the utmost care, and we’ll work to make sure it’s protected. That’s why our box, shadow box and double glass frames can all be built with clear UV-protective glass to filter out UV rays and prevent fading and damage. We also offer acid-free backing and mounts.

If you own something that means the world to you, there’s no sense in hiding it away in a drawer or cupboard where you can’t see it. Custom framing is an excellent way to keep your sentimental and valuable items for posterity, while also enjoying them in the here and now.

As fine art specialists based in Ford, Arundel with expertise in museum and gallery framing, our experience and our tools are at your disposal. Why not let us create the perfect display for your favourite possession? If you would like to discuss a potential project or ask us a question, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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