Laser engraving is a unique and precise way of permanently marking many non-metallic items. This is particularly useful for articles of high monetary or sentimental value.

Laser engraving is a way of naming children’s possessions that get taken to school, such as mobile phones, ipods, cricket bats, tennis rackets, wallets and purses. Key rings, pens, glasses, identity cards and many other everyday items can be personalised using laser engraving.


The materials we are able to engrave include:

  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Mirror
  • Plastics
  • Acrylic
  • Card
  • Leather
  • Slate and similar soft stone


Since we started laser engraving, we have put dedications on such items as leather wallets, cricket stumps; glass sports trophies; wooden platters; glass bowls; walking sticks; photo frames; paper weights; jewellery boxes; garden fork handles; wooden golf tees; cork screws and bottle openers; wooden place mats and napkin rings; plastic fridge magnets.

Laser Engraved Wood


A large selection of signs can be designed and made for a wide variety of applications, for both internal and external use. The laser engraver has the ability to profile cut any kind of shape in material up to 5mm thick, as well as engrave the surface of the product.


Scanning of logos and crests for businesses, clubs, regiments and the like can be incorporated to personalise any number of different products, utilising any type of font or hand written signature.


We can engrave on many non-metallic surfaces such as wood, leather, glass, acrylic, card and soft stone such as slate.


There is a size consideration, but where the item itself is too big to fit into the engraver, we can produce signs in plastic or wood, or self-adhesive labels, using brass or aluminium look-a-like materials. These can then be attached to the items in question, such as a memorial bench, flag pole, table top, or work surface.

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